An amateur is a golfer who cannot accept cash prizes but can receive a gift certificate not exceeding $1200 per competition.


An amateur golfer who chooses to relinquish their amateur status is considered a non-amateur and may receive a cash prize


A club professional who has not participated in any professional competition in 2020, 2021 and 2022


All competitors play in the 2 types of competitions simultaneously and they all play from the same tees (between 6,200 and 6,500 total yards)

  • GROSS SCORES: GML Division
  • NET SCORES (see Handicap section): CGC Division

An order of merit will be instituted and prizes will be awarded after the season’s finale.


Players who are not Golf Canada members will automatically become members by paying for the CGC Tour Elite membership.

Players who do not hold an official handicap at the first event will be assigned a provisional index. (Voir section Index Provisoire)

All the members’ indexes will be probationary until the calculation of their official tour indexes.

The official tour indexes (CGC Tour Index) will be calculated and made official after the 4th event of the season.

The index used for events will be the lower of the index issued by Golf Canada or the CGC Tour Index

***Each player is responsible for providing a valid and truthful index***


The Tour Index will be the average of the results according to the following table:

1 to 3 rounds – The best of these 1 to 3 rounds

4 and 5 rounds The average of the two best rounds of these 4 or 5 rounds

6 and 7 rounds The average of the three best rounds of these 6 or 7 rounds

8 and 9 rounds – The average of the four best rounds of these 8 or 9 rounds

Professionals will always play with an Index of ZERO, regardless of their results.


If a competitor does not have an official index before his first round, a temporary index will be assigned to him based on the information collected during his registration.

This index will be used until the player has entered 6 rounds in their Golf Canada Index file. The latter will replace the Provisional Index at that time.

A CGC Tour Index will be assigned to him following the 4th event and the lower of the Index between this, and the Golf Canada or Provisional Index, will be used to establish the competitor’s results


There will be a ranking for the gross score competition and another ranking for the net competition. (See points division table)

BAD ROUND OR ABSENCE : Each player is entitled to a bad round or an absence without being penalized in the standings. Points will only be accounted for the best 9 rounds or less if applicable, before the final event.

The points accumulated during the season remain in place for the grand finale. Points will be doubled for the three major events and for the final.

TIE BREAKER: There will be no additional holes to determine the winner of the event until the final round. The tie breaking formula for determining the winner of each event will be the score per hole in ascending order of handicap of difficulty.



The amateur golfer who would rank in the purses of the two divisions will not be able to win more than $1,200.

The non amateur as well as the professional will be able to collect the money without restriction and/or limit of amount.

All prizes and scholarships for the winners as well as the participation prizes will be awarded during the Gala des Champions which is included in the 2022 registration. (See Table of Prices and Grants)


The two divisions champions will obtain cash awards or gift certificates, depending on their status, in the amount of $1,200

The 2nd places in each division will also receive cash awards or gift certificates. The amounts will be established according to the number of total registrations at the end of the season.

For the GML division, only the first 2 positions in the standings will receive awards.

In the event that there is an amount remaining in the full purse at the end of the season. This will be completely redistributed in ascending order of position in the final classification of the CGC division.

Participation prizes will also be distributed during the draw to be held at the Champions Gala.

There will also be the following exemptions during the season:

  • GML Classic Champion / GML Division: Exemption and entry fees covered (up to a maximum of $250) for the Canada Cup at Club de Golf Victoriaville from August 12 to 15, 2022
  • GML Classic Champion / CGC Division: Exemption and Covered Entry Fee (to a maximum of $250) for the Vegas East Coast Pro Tour Series (ECPT) – 2022 Event TBD
  • The Princeville Championship Champion / GML Division: Exemption and covered entry fees (up to a maximum of $250) for the East Coast Pro Tour (ECPT) – 2022 event to be determined
  • The Princeville Championship Champion / CGC Division: Exemption and covered entry fees (up to a maximum of $250) for the Vegas East Coast Pro Tour (ECPT) series – 2022 event to be determined
  • 5 player exemptions for the 2023 CGC Tour Cup – Team Quebec (Details to come)
  • 5 player exemptions for the 2023 CGC Tour Cup – Team Montreal (Details to come)